Evolution of HYIPs: HYIPs yesterday and today en Almeira Evolution of HYIPs: HYIPs yesterday and today en Almeira
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Evolution of HYIPs: HYIPs yesterday and today en Almeira

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Evolution of HYIPs: HYIPs yesterday and today en Almeira

Now earning money on the Internet is reaching a completely new level and HYIPs keep up with general trends. The hype industry is actively transforming into existing reality. A couple of years ago, HYIPs were less technically equipped and could not boast of high profitability: now HYIPs that bring from 16 to 60% of profit are considered to be medium-income. A little earlier, even 15-18% per month was considered luck. Let's see how HYIPs have changed over time.

Monitoring site www.hyipexplorer.com says many trends that have dominated the HYIP environment until recently are now godlessly outdated. The first thing that went out of style was the inclusion of the body of the deposit in payments. Suppose the project offers you 20% profit and the deposit is included in the payments. Previously, such a proposal was considered the most reliable. Now, with more frequent scams, there is nothing reliable in them. Therefore, now there is no difference between such projects and projects with a refund of the deposit at the end of the term.

One of the most famous trends of 2015 - social projects... The bottom line was that the project's money, in theory, should not be kept by the administrator, but by the custodians - ordinary investors, and anyone can become the custodian. Great theory. True, in practice everything was somewhat different: money to the custodians most often flowed very slowly and in small quantities, and projects did not survive the first round.

Greenbar, which used to be an indicator of the reliability and stability of a project, is no longer one because it is very easy to buy. True, its price is not low, which still gives some hope that the project will not die early.

The lot system in HYIPs has also successfully sunk into oblivion for one simple reason - the latest HYIPs with lots were not very effective in terms of profit.

All the legends associated with Dubai, cars, houses and the like, quickly lost their relevance and investors are no longer so willing to invest in such projects.

In addition, earlier there was still confidence that a lot of payments in the project is very good. Now, if an experienced investor sees Qiwi or Yandex.Money in the list of payment systems, this will most likely puzzle him, since these payment systems are representatives of "white" services that are vigorously keeping an eye on the transparency of their payments and for this reason can block everything funds on a doubtful account, if there is a threat of data inaccuracy. The competition in the HYIP industry is high, and therefore the administrators of other projects will be properly interested in immobilizing the running gear of their rival, his account. With such payment systems, this is much easier to do, which in turn, of course, brings the scam closer.

This small list shows that not all trends in HYIPs can stay on the wave of relevance. What trends have taken the lead?

Firstly, this is the search for an intelligent admin who has already led and administered at least one successful project that has gone through more than one round. It is better to have about 80% of experienced admins in mind, but do not forget about newbies, who can also work well - they can be allocated up to 20% of your portfolio. By the way, recently it has become one of the rules that foreign administrators give odds to domestic ones, sadly, but true.

The second trend is the presence of a legend... Many people pay attention to it, and not to the technical side of the project. Why? The answer is simple: more often than not, HYIPs with a legend - confirmed documents, photographs of offices and other things - are more reliable and work more efficiently.

The third is advertising, which should be smooth, gradual, not aggressive and very large-scale from the very start, as well as design. The design should not hurt the eyes and annoy the investor. And also it must be unique and not copied from another project. Otherwise, this means one thing - the admin saved on the project, which means that his scam is less controllable and can come much faster than in a well-executed project.

And another new trend is the multilingualism of the project... This means not only that the project has been thoroughly worked on, but also that it has a wide distribution area, and this all gives some confidence in its future.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the evolution of HYIPs continues today, because such investment projects as HYIPs cannot stand still and constantly offer investors the same thing. To date, compared to yesterday, in order to attract investments in their projects, administrators need to find new approaches to investors, improve their projects both aesthetically and technically, strive to postpone the project scam and enable investors to get maximum profit, which allows them to be HYIPs and on today one of the main ways to make money on the Internet.

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