How to write a resume in English? en Seattle How to write a resume in English? en Seattle
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How to write a resume in English? en Seattle

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How to write a resume in English? en Seattle

Writing a resume is not comfortable, so imagine writing it in English. If you are in that phase of life where you send more CVs in a week than WhatsApp messages, don't worry: we have all been there. Here are some tips for writing your CV in English.

The good news is that a CV in English is usually much shorter than one in Spanish. Think of your CV as a Google search page: the first page is carefully studied, the second a little less. And the third? You may not even see it. In short, every word counts!

If you can't immediately communicate "your value" on the first page and give a reason to finish reading your CV, the chances are that it will be thrown away. At this meeting, we will tell you how to write a perfect resume. These tips will allow you to write a resume that will attract the attention of the recruiter. At this meeting, you can also buy personal statement and order the services for writing a resume.

Tips for writing your CV in English

In countries like the United Kingdom and the United States, it is not recommended to put photos on the CV; some people even omit their birth date to protect themselves from any discrimination.

If you plan to leave or send a "one size fits all" CV ... well, it's best to think again. Only by choosing the appropriate format for each case will you emphasize your skills and professional experiences in the best way.
We have three main formats for Resumes in English.

1. The new graduate

Suppose you are going to start in the working world, doing interviews and internships. In that case, it is necessary to write a CV to draw attention to your academic achievements and the skills you will have acquired during your university career.

Be careful when translating. Don't fall into the trap of numbers and abbreviations that can obscure your best results. If possible, use the universal language of percentages.

Being a recent graduate, human resources people do not expect you to have extensive professional experience. Still, if you have done something during the summer, it is beneficial to point out that you already know what it means to work and contact clients. Sometimes, something as simple as helping a colleague with tasks can also be positive if presented correctly.

On the other hand, it is unnecessary to fill empty spaces with irrelevant information, such as that you like to travel, read, or manage Office, Windows, and the Internet. The latter is now a matter, of course.

2. Professional Progression

This format is suitable for candidates who have made a real career progression. In this case, the main difficulty will be to give all this information in a few pages. The key is to prioritize.

3. Changing jobs

For those who choose to change their career path, things become more difficult. How do you convince the HR manager that you are the perfect candidate for that job? Also, you have to rework your work experience to align with the profile they are looking for.

A short profile, explaining the reasons why you want a professional change, can help HR to orient themselves. In a few sentences, they can see that your professional experience is not a weakness but a strength. Instead of listing the various positions achieved in chronological order, you share your experience in values acquired in other areas, such as leadership, organization, and teamwork.

The presentation letter in English for your application

Once you have completed your CV in perfect English, you must hand it into the people responsible. The best alternative is to send your application by email or a formal letter written explicitly for this purpose. The message in question is called a "cover letter for job application."

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