Mobdro, the definitive mobile app to enjoy television en portugal Mobdro, the definitive mobile app to enjoy television en portugal
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Mobdro, the definitive mobile app to enjoy television en portugal

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Mobdro, the definitive mobile app to enjoy television en portugal

If we are looking for an application that allows us to watch television on our mobile, Mobdro is the one. This App gives us access to content from different television channels and live broadcasts from YouTube and Twitch. You also have the option of sending content to our TV, through Chromecast. Everything in streaming, from our mobile with Android. 

This application is completely free and nothing complicated to use. On its main screen, it shows us a list of topics, which are developed through programs and channels that are being broadcast live.

The page is configured to search for content in the English language, but we can change it to Spanish just by entering the settings option. This application also gives us the opportunity to record content and store it in the memory of the mobile.

Mobdro has been created mainly to be used with the Android system, but if we want to enjoy this application on an iOS device, a computer or other equipment with an operating system other than Android, we only have to download it with the Mobdro APK file.

How to download Mobdro on our device with Android system?

To install the Mobdro application on our smartphone, with Android operating system, we must enter the "Settings" option and accept the "Unknown sources" download . We will immediately receive a warning message about the possible damage that would be caused to our mobile by accepting the download, but there are no risks with this application so we can ignore the message and continue.

Once this step is completed, we can download the Mobdro application through the official website.

Once the App has been downloaded, we go to "Notifications" and then we will enter " File Manager". Once again we will receive an alert notice, which we ignore, and we will give the option "Ok", as a sign of confirmation of the installation.

 After a few seconds we will be able to access the application, which will be available on the main screen.

How to install Mobdro APK on our phone with iOS system?

As we discussed a few lines above, Mobdro can be used on mobile devices and gadgets with operating systems other than Android.

In the case of computers with an iOS operating system, we will previously install an Android system emulator , so that Mabdro can work correctly. This application can be Bluestacks, which we can easily download on its official page.

Once with the Android emulator installed on our device, we proceed to download the application, entering the official page and get Spanish Mobdro APK .

In order to install Mabdro it is necessary to open the file that we will find in the downloads folder. From that moment the application installation will begin. Once installed, we can adjust the language and start enjoying all the content it offers us.

What does Mobdro offer us?

Mobdro is available in two versions, one Freemium and one Premium.

The first version is free and allows us to enjoy a large selection of television channels to which we can have access through the Internet connection, WiFi or data service.

And the second is paid, we must subscribe to obtain additional options within the application, which will allow us to record content, among other extra functions.

By installing Mobdro on our mobile, we will have at our disposal more than 200 world-renowned channels , distributed in the following categories: movies, news, series, tech, programs, music, podcast, spiritual and pets. Which we can see online and live, also with high video quality and fluency. With Mobdro we choose the channel of our preference, instead of the content.

This App also allows us to filter the content, according to our search criteria, and thus organize them in our library. Play thematic channels and find specific videos. We can also share all the videos and content with our friends, and many other things that we will discover when we have it available on our mobile.

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