Super Soil Biochar - Black is the new Green! En Bunyola

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Viveros Can Carbó - Circle Carbon Labs
Viveros Can Carbó - Circle Carbon Labs. C/ S'Esgleieta-Sta. Maria km 1.3, Ma-2030 (Viveros) . Ver mapa, ,

Super Soil Biochar - Black is the new Green! En Bunyola

Biochar is a woody biomass heated in the absence of oxygen.Added to the soil it:- improves the soil structure and increases the population of bacteria and fungi- it increases water holding capacity by altering physical nature of soil and stabilising its humidity- it increases adsorption of nutrients and water thanks to its porous structure that reduce leaching and irrigation requirements- It increases plant productivity by reducing the acidity of the soil, accelerated decomposition and increased habitat for beneficial soil microorganisms- It reduces emissions of greenhouse gases via carbon sequestration "A mere 2% increase in carbon content in the soil could offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions going to the atmosphere"Dr. Rattan Lal at Ohio State University - (World Renowned) Soil Scientist During this workshop you will learn how to make and use biochar to improve your soil and grow more healthy and resilient plants. The workshop runs from 10:00 to 16:00 and costs 25 Euros p/p for a minimum of 20 participants. Please confirm your attendance by April 3rd as we need a minimum of 20 people to run this workshop. There will be tea, coffee, water and snacks available during breaks. Please bring your own lunch/picnic (weather permitting).

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