Pyramids of Guimar Pyramids of Guimar
Pirámides de Güimar Parque Etnográfico & Jardín Botánico
Calle Chacona s/n
Güimar Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Pyramids of Guimar

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Pirámides de Güimar Parque Etnográfico & Jardín Botánico

Calle Chacona s/n, Güimar, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Pyramids of Guimar

The Ethnographic Park Pirámides de Güímar, nominated for the 2017 European Museum of the Year Award, is a large open-air museum that gathers several open-air routes and specialized gardens around pyramidal structures oriented towards the sun on key astronomical dates.

The Park, covering more than 64,000m2, includes the Casa Chacona Museum, the Auditorium with a documentary on the theories of Thor Heyerdahl, founder of the Ethnographic Park and discovering his incredible transoceanic expeditions reproduced in the Expeditions Hall.

There are also four outdoor routes:

  •  The Botanical Route has dozens of endemic species of the Canarian flora.
  • The Export Route shows those products that represented the livelihood of the Canarian people throughout the last five centuries.
  • The Cultural Route reveals aspects of Canarian history, culture and ethnography.
  • The Volcanic Route reveals the volcanic origin of the archipelago and its volcanic episodes.

We can also discover the Poisonous Garden, a specialized garden, unique in the Canary Islands, with its more than 70 species of toxic and even deadly plants. Also highlights the Sustainable Garden, made in collaboration with the University of La Laguna. Garden, inspired by a typical Canarian ravine.

Large garden areas and a leisure area with playground, cafeteria, shop complement the services.

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