Visit the Millenary Drago Park Visit the Millenary Drago Park
Parque del Drago
Paseo de Nicolas Estevez Borges
Icod de los Vinos Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Visit the Millenary Drago Park

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Parque del Drago

Paseo de Nicolas Estevez Borges, Icod de los Vinos, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Visit the Millenary Drago Park

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  • Access to The Millenary Drago Park.
  • Permanent video guide service in English, German, French and Spanish through QR codes.

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In the Drago Park the you can contemplate one of the oldest living beings in the world: The Millenary Drago. This specimen declared a national monument in 1917, is the longest of its kind with an estimated age of 1000 years. In addition, it is one of the most important natural, cultural and historical symbols of the Canary Islands.

In an extension of about 3 hectares, you can see the representation of the endemics of the island of Tenerife in its different bioclimatic floors, ranging from the coast to the mountain, as well as several ethnographic areas representing various traditions of the municipality. The winery, coal bunkers and a cave with the representation of an aboriginal Guanche burial stand out. At the foot of the Drago there is an area dedicated to the smallest dragon trees, called "Guardería de Dragos". It shows the evolutionary process of this species.

The park is an example of a sustainable garden in which you can learn about the flora and the enjoyment of the surrounding vegetation, offering spaces that give us another vision of the Millenary Drago, allowing the contemplation of the different faces of the same and the views of Teide and the sea within the same landscape.

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